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What is IQOS and what is the difference between IQOS and traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes

IQOS is the brand name of a heat-not-burn product (referred to as HNB), a product that delivers nicotine for human consumption by heating instead of burning. So it can also be called a heated nicotine delivery system. Its entire working system includes IQOS cartridges (official name: Heatsticks) and IQOS holder, charger etc. IQOS is a […]

What does the rise in global vapers mean for tobacco and nicotine policy

As more consumers switch to nicotine in a less risky way to reduce harm to their own health, the rapid replacement of cigarettes with safer alternatives such as e-cigarettes will enhance ambitions for a smoke-free world. Global vapers based on new data are estimated at 82 million, a significant but expected increase from previous forecasts, […]